Need to get your eating back on track?

Let's get you back on that 'healthy eating wagon'!

No More Excuses! Let's reset your habits in 1 month so that healthy nutritional choices are a top priority again!

Re-learn how to choose healthy foods for meals and snacks and get back into the habit of cooking and shopping to keep you and your family nourished with real, whole foods! I know you know what to do but you just seem to need a little push to dig yourself out of some bad habits again. No problem! I'll provide you with simple tips and recipes to ease you and your family into healthy choices and help you stick with them!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You recently went through a health transformation but now find yourself reverting to old, unhealthy habits
  • You constantly tell yourself that you'll do better next week (but you don't)
  • You're frustrated because you know you can eat better but life just seems to be getting in the way
  • You're just so busy that it doesn't seem possible to find time to cook and eat healthy anymore
  • You're overwhelmed by all the information on healthy eating, diet plans and special recipes that's available on the Internet!

You are NOT alone!

I am constantly struggling to find new meal ideas and ways to stick to my health goals, but I frequently find myself thinking how easy it would be just cook pasta or something simple from a box!

I totally get it - life just seems to get in the way! I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen either. Or, I find amazing recipes and stress myself out because they take SO long to make!

How many times have you told yourself that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done? I feel you - I've been there so many times myself. 

You KNOW what you need to do but you're struggling to get back to that place. 

That's why I'm here to help you!

Reset & Regroup

Weekly tips to add whole foods into your diet.

Save Time

Recipes and meal plans that take minimal prep time.

No Stress

Ideas and steps to help you choose healthier options when eating out or visiting friends.

Personalized meal plans so that your whole family will enjoy mealtime each and every day!

Easy recipes so that you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen!

Nutritious snack substitutes for common convenience foods so that you can be sure your kids (and you) are getting all the nutrients they need to flourish!

Time-saving tips for meal prep, menu planning and even trying out some new and fun recipes!

"This program really helped me overcome some of the hurdles I faced when it came to choosing healthy food for my family!"

Julia C.

"The recipes I got from my package have been a lifesaver! They're simple, nutritious and so easy to make (and clean up)!"

Bryan S.

This program is for you if:

You already have a good understanding of what 'healthy eating' and a 'healthy lifestyle' mean.

Your family is on board to choose healthier options but they just need a little push to get back on track. 

You're struggling to find ideas and ways to incorporate clean, whole foods into your diet.

You've recently had a change in your life or in your family dynamics and need some help to regroup. 

You want to make a lifelong committment to healthy eating and are not interested in just some fad, short-term diet plan.

Your $250.00 Investment Includes:

  • Initial 60-minute appointment to get to know me and educate me on your goals
  • 5-Day meal plan, including snacks
  • 8 easy, simple and budget-friendly recipes
  • 30-minute progress and follow-up appointment


  • 10 easy tips to add more veggies into your meals
  • Lifetime email access to me for any questions

Total value for this program is $520.00!


What's the time committment for this program?

You only have to spend 90 minutes talking with me (unless you want more one-on-one coaching)! And, I can make it easy for you by setting up a Skype, FaceTime or phone call to go through your health goals with you!

What if I'm already eating pretty healthy?

That's great! You probably have a few areas where you'd like to do better (I know I do) so this program is perfect to help you quickly reset your eating patterns and behaviors. I find it helpful to have someone to keep me accountable so this is really what this program is all about! I'll check in with you over 4 weeks to see how you're doing and offer tips and assistance to make sure you're heading toward your goals.

Is this going to cost me a lot of money?

Aside from the $250.00 program investment, the only costs you'll see are in groceries, which you buy anyway! I am a firm believer in finding deals on healthy whole foods so I'll make sure that I understand your family's budget requirements and offer you meal ideas that let you continue shopping at your favorite stores. 

Doesn't "holistic nutrition" mean smoothies and juices and crazy superfood recipes? Will I be confused?

Not necessarily and that is certainly not my philosophy. I love food and I love to eat so there is no way I would survive on a liquid-only diet! I am a busy woman too so I understand the need for quick, easy meal ideas that have easy-to-find ingredients. I also believe in quick clean-up too! I don't want you to spend hours in the kitchen each week so I'll choose recipes that fit into your schedule and my meal prep tips should never take you longer than 1 hour per week.

Am I going to have to eat foods I don't like?

Nope. At our first meeting, I will try my best to get to know you and your family so that I can create personalized meal plans that feature your favorite foods. If you love Kraft dinner, I will help you clean the recipe up so you don't feel guilty making it for your family (on occasion). 

Will this help me overcome a health issue?

Not likely. That's where my Take Back Your Health Program fits in. However, if all you're up for is getting back on the healthy eating wagon, you will certainly notice improvement in some of your health symptoms. Clean, whole foods will be giving your body a HUGE nutritional boost and will probably help combat some of the health concerns you have. If you have any specific health issues, you likely would benefit from a personalized holistic approach but we can discuss that to see if it fits into your life. Feel free to contact me for more information!